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Ruswai, Episode 13: Salman Insults Sameera and Her Parents


Unfortunately, Ruswai started off as a strong story of an independent girl going through traumatic circumstances has turned into nothing short of a saas-bahu drama of late.  With Salman (Mekaal Zulfiqar) turning into the husband from hell, his behavior only goes from bad to worse when he tells Sameera (Sana Javed) that she cannot work. 

The character of Wardah, played by Minna Javed, is such a gem of a character.  She represents the mindset of the modern broad-minded youth.  She thinks not only for herself and her husband, but also about Sameera and how her own family is treating Sameera.  Watching Wardah and Hamza together is a treat, as they are a loving, balanced couple, attentive of each other’s needs.  This only makes Sameera and Salman’s relationship seem like a disaster in comparison – which it is.

Ruswai episode 13, Sameera and Salman’s relationship continues to disintegrate.  With Salman now declaring that Sameera cannot work, Sameera finds herself in a rough place.  She chooses to stay at her parents and their fight worsens.  Salma (Irsa Ghazal) continues to be the perfect “monster-in-law,”  a woman who not only sees that her son and daughter-in-law are having troubles and does not take any steps to better the situation, but rather, she routinely throws oil on the fire to make matters worse.  With an ulterior motive of removing Sameera from Salman’s life, she makes it a point to pick on Sameera’s every move.

Salman becomes infuriated hearing this and things only become worse when Mehmood discusses Sameera’s job with Salman.  Salman insults Sameera’s parents and is very rude, refusing to speak to them about the topic and storms out.  Sameera lashes out and insults her father, now angry at Mehmood’s failed attempts to solve her problems.  While Sana Javed is doing a fabulous job in her role, the side players cannot be ignored.  Mohammed Ahmed steals the show in each frame he is in, literally making the viewer cry with him.  Seemi Raheel is doing a great job as well.

Ruswai is only thing that does not sit well is that Wardah will become a pawn in this game.  Judging by the next episode, Pinky (Sharmeen Ali) will become a prominent fixture in (cheating) Salman’s life, which is actually just fine with viewers as Sameera deserves someone much better.  With Sameera now making the resolve to fight the battle against her perpetrators. The last thing she needs is a pitiful husband holding her back.  If anything, with her bad marriage a thing of the past. The show will take a refreshing turn – please bring it on!

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