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Saad Qureshi married


Saad Qureshi married became involved in marital relations with emerging actor Saad Qureshi Mesha Chaudhry of Pakistan TV Industry.

Their wedding began with a drum ceremony in which both the bride and the groom wore the same color dress.

The bride also wore jewelry made of flowers.

At the concert, Saad and Mesha wore well-known designer dresses.

For the wedding ceremony held in Islamabad, the bride chose the red wedding dress.

On social networking site Instagram, Saad Qureshi Married shared the news of his marriage in the past.

Remember that the two engaged on August 17, 2018.

Saad Qureshi, who started his career with God and Love 2, celebrated his skills by acting in leading plays.

He has shown the essence of acting in such plays as the playwright, Happy Birthday, Who and Love at Your Feet.

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