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This time I did not prepare for Eid, Saba Qamar


The leading actress of Pakistan film and TV industry Saba Qamar says that. She did not prepare for Eid this time because it was a mourning Eid.

Saba Qamar recently shared some of her photos on the photo and video-sharing app Instagram for her fans. Who was eager to catch a glimpse of the actress’ Eid day.

Sharing the first photo, Saba Qamar wrote. “I want to tell those who were waiting to see the pictures of my Eid that this time. I did not make any preparations to celebrate Eid because this Eid was very different. ‘

Saba Qamar said. “It was very difficult to celebrate Eid. Because I was thinking about the people who passed away due to the plane crash and the global plague.”

Sharing her other two photos, the actress wrote to her fans about her Eid day: “I got up in the morning and prayed, spent time with my family, thanked Allah for every blessing but still in my heart.” There was a fear. ‘

“I am very grateful to my designer friends who understood me and made my clothes the way I wanted them to be,” she wrote to her designer friends.

In his post, he advised people to stay at home and hoped to return to the old days.

Remember that due to the plane crash, this time all the artists celebrated Eid-ul-Fitr with simplicity.

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