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Saba Qamar advise to protect yourself from Corona


Lahore: Pakistan’s leading actress Saba Qamar says the world needs to come together to fight a pandemic like Corona.

The rapidly spreading outbreak of the worldwide virus has led to the steadily increasing human mortality rate from quotidian 19.

Saba Qamar, a leading actress on social networking website Instagram. Shared a detailed message with a photo of her that she is addressing to people around the world.

Addressing people all over the world, she wrote, “Dear World! We are in a situation where we desperately need to come together to fight this epidemic. Covid_19 is growing rapidly and we have to do our part to end it.’

Saba Qamar

Saba Qamar said that by taking social isolation to prevent the spread of this virus, we can do a great favor to humanity, because we have to protect not only ourselves but other people like ourselves from this deadly virus.

Appealing to the help of the poor and needy people who have been confined to their homes.

Saba Qamar said that the poor and the ignorant should not be forgotten in such a situation. To prevent other serious problems.

In the end, she also told fans a few tips on staying busy at home.

Said that he himself was following them.

  1. Wash hands regularly -Take Shower.
  2. Pray – Do Yoga.
  3. Watch movies/Seasons.
  4. Learn new better things from YouTube informative videos.

She wrote that if we fight the epidemic together we can defeat it, inshallah this time will pass.

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