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Saba Qamar and Fahad Mustafa under criticism


The leading Pakistani actress Saba Qamar and actor and host Fahad Mustafa have been criticized by internet users for doing a video song together.

Asim Azhar, a well-known singer, has shared a teaser of his new song on his social media account Instagram.

Saba and Fahad Mustafa have been cast as models in this video song of Asim Azhar.

In Asim Azhar’s video song, Saba and Fahad Mustafa are seen romancing with each other.

On the other hand, fans did not like the presence of Saba Qamar and Fahad Mustafa in this video.

In the comment box of this teaser which went viral on social media. Some Instagram users are criticizing Saba Qamar and Fahad Mustafa. Fans say that these senior artists should have been replaced by new and younger faces. While some Consumers are thrilled to see the pair together on screen.

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