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Saba Qamar came to the field to support Asim Azhar and Areeka


The leading actress of Pakistani film and TV industry Saba Qamar has come to the field to accompany singer Asim Azhar and TikTok star Areeka Haq.

Saba Qamar wrote a special message for Asim Azhar and Areeka Haq in the story of the photo and video-sharing app Instagram. She also writes that The difficult days of my life made me strong. Maybe I was already strong but people criticized and hated Gave me a chance to prove myself.

Saba Qamar messagw to Areeka Haq

“We all need to understand that wherever we have supporters in our journey. There will also be opponents, but we must not give up,” she wrote.

“I’ve been seeing talented young TikTok star Areeka Haq being criticized on social media for the past few days. Please don’t do that but learn to support each other,” she wrote.

Saba Qamar wrote, “Don’t make young people like Areeka suffer mentally, but show love and affection for all.”

“All my support is with all the young people who are struggling to improve their lives,” she wrote.

Finally, she wished Asim Azhar and Areeka Haq all the best for their upcoming project.

It is to be noted that Asim Azhar recently shared a picture of his new song with Pakistan’s leading TikTok star Areeka Haq on social media. After the picture went viral when Asim Azhar’s fans found out.

That his new Areeka Haq is with him in the project. Since then his fans have been criticizing Asim Azhar and Areeka Haq on social media.

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