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Saba Qamar hinted to getting married soon


The Leading Pakistani actress Saba Qamar has announced to her fans that she will get married soon.

Saba Qamar, who was present at the promotion of the film. She revealed that she now has to learn how to cook, especially how to make aloo qeema.

Saba Qamar

Saba Qamar’s viral can be seen in this video. Where well known host Nida Yasir is teasing Saba Qamar and asking. “Why do you have to learn how to make Aloo qima.”

Saba Qamar

The shy smile on Saba Qamar’s face can be clearly seen on this question.

She is saying to this question that ‘I will tell, I will tell everything, very soon insha Allah’.

Saba Qamar

On the other hand, Nida Yasir says that he is looking forward to seeing Saba wearing henna on his hands.

Saba Qamar

When asked about wedding ceremonies, She said, “They don’t want a lot of celebrations, just a good William ceremony. A lot of people don’t like them at weddings, just be close to them and get married.” She will invite the media to make the news viral.

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