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Saba Qamar is set to play a rockstar in this Karachi Se Lahore spinoff


Anyone who’s watched Karachi Se Lahore (and thus rolled in the cinema aisles) should be feeling a tingle in their funny bone.

KSL director Wajahat Rauf is set to make another road trip film. But it’s no sequel to KSL.

So says this next film’s heroine, Saba Qamar, who’s signed on to the film alongside Yasir Hussain (who happens to reprise his KSL role as the lovable Moti, yay!), Rubina Ashraf and Behroze Sabzwari.

“I don’t know why some people are calling this a sequel to Karachi Se Lahore,” says Saba Qamar to Images. “It’s not a sequel – in fact, Karachi doesn’t figure into this movie at all. It’s set more in the northern areas.”

“This film will be fare better than Karachi se Lahore,” Saba continues. “Any issues that existed in that movie will not be present here.”

While she doesn’t elaborate on what issues KSL might have had, she does speak at length about her role in the film, which she describes as a nontraditional love story, an “odd couple kee kahani”.

“I play a musician, a rockstar guitarist in the initial stages of her career,” Saba explains. “[My character] comes from a broken family and all she wants is some peace of mind. She’s looking for some small moments of happiness, and she just packs a bag and decides to leave her house.”

“She has a boyfriend who doesn’t understand her. He might seem modern but he really isn’t, he’s quite conservative in his thinking and she doesn’t like that,” she added.

Will Yasir Hussain (as Moti) play her boyfriend? Or will he be the quirky stranger who crosses her path?

While Saba Qamar discloses no more about the film’s plot, she promises that “it’s a really great script. You’ll like the movie so much you won’t even get up to go to the washroom.”

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