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Weak hearted people stay away from my video: Saba Qamar


Pakistani film and TV industry’s most popular actress Saba Qamar has released the third episode ‘Chaska News with Saba Qamar and Shahveer Jeffery’ on her YouTube channel. But at the same time, the actress has asked the weak hearted people to stay away from the video. 

Pakistani-Canadian YouTuber Shahveer Jaffery shared a new video on his YouTube channel titled ‘Chaska News with Saba Qamar and Shahveer Jeffery’.

While sharing the video. The actress directed to avoid playing the role of the paternal uncle for cheap ratings and spread love.

A humorous disclaimer appears on the screen at the beginning of the video titled ‘Chaska News with Saba Qamar and Shahveer Jeffery’. In which Saba Qamar says that ‘before starting Chiska News, please ask those whose sense of humour has rusted. Apply it or subscribe to my channel.

In the disclaimer, the actress also says that her content is only for her fans. The rest of the people should go to other channels on YouTube and waste their time.

At the beginning of the news bulletin of ‘Cheska News’. Saba Qamar mentioned the famous Turkish series ‘Ertugrul Ghazi’. She said that our nation has learned to use other names like ‘Ertugrul Ghazi’. ‘Ertugrul Niswar’ and ‘Ertugrul Service Station’ from this series.

She further said that Pakistanis should not learn anything more from this series. In 2020, there is a possibility of finding an Ertugrul Khan, Ertugrul Bhatti, Ertugrul Sheikh, Ertugrul Warraich and other similar names in every house of Pakistan.

Citing five recent top-rated dramas, the actress ranked Omar Kamal’s long-trending comedy post on social media at number five on the list of dramas. I want to come and die ‘video message number four.

At the third place in the list of recent popular dramas was ‘Wedding in Corona’. Which the actress mentioned the showbiz stars who got married during Corona.

In ‘Chaska News’, the actress also presented the details of the said news in a very humorous manner and tried to bring out some bitter truths with the help of humour.

In the video, don’t forget to watch Saba Qamar Ruwit Hilal Committee and Fawad Chaudhry’s discussion on the moon and in the end, they decided to stay at home, take care of children and adults, wash their hands frequently and avoid shopping. He also advised Corona to be very careful.

It is to be noted that the famous Pakistani actress Saba Qamar had recently launched her own YouTube channel with reference to which the actress had said that she would give a chance to new talent to come forward through her YouTube channel.

In the first episode. She was shared on her YouTube channel to connect with fans and provide them with some new content. The actress expressed loneliness in the lockdown caused by the coronavirus.

In the second video shared on the YouTube channel. She presented a comedy show where strange questions are asked by celebrities.

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