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Saba Qamar Statement About Bold Scenes


Saba Qamar appeared in short chit chat session with the Web portal. The Current Pk in which she talked about being reluctant doing a bold scene. In her popular Bollywood film Hundi medium.

Saba Qamar

When anchor asked about it Saba Qamar said, “really, which was the bold scene I was hesitant doing”. After she remembered she replied.”It was a little bold scene for me because of that night suit which was too short, you know that we didn’t have the trend of movies in Pakistan, also, we are not accustomed to wear such clothes and portray such bold scenes.

Saba Qamar

I personally was uncomfortable doing that scene as we are not used to such portrayals here, however, it was done comfortably so I was okay,later on”. The anchor also praised the well shot scene.

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