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Saba Qamar tells the key of Happy Life


Pakistani actress Saba Qamar, who is in self-isolation amid the coronavirus outbreak, has shared three rules for a happy life.

On her Instagram Story, the actress said, “No expectations, no demands and no complaints” are the three key rules for a happy life.

Earlier, placing her in self-quarantine, Saba Qamar had written, “Dear world, we are in a situation where we need to be together to fight this pandemic. #Covid19 is growing rapidly and we have to play our part.”

“So what to do now? Well, the part we can play is to self quarantine and contain our self at our places. By this, we are doing great favour to humanity! We just not have to protect ourselves but our community as well.”

She further said, “While doing that don’t forget those in need, we all can help them by donating a little amount to the people who cannot sit back home without working, so if we pay them some amount they can also save themselves and their families from this serious issue that we are facing right now.”

“A huge round applause to all the doctors around the globe for serving the patients and still working for all of us, let’s all just help them by sitting back at our homes and maintaining the social distance. A little precaution can save us from a big trouble.”

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