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Saba Qamar wedding dresses, ‘ Nawab Zadi ‘ to choose the brand ambassador


Saba Qamar wedding dresses, Actress, fashion designer apparel to promote the country’s models for their products in the country and abroad.

Karachi (Web Desk) fashion designers in the marriage season has started contacts with renowned artists for the promotion of their costumes. This busy actress Saba Qamar leading fashion designer Irum Khan has chosen for wedding dresses brand “ Nawab Zadi “.

Saba Qamar wedding dressesIrum Khan designed costumes combining Brand Ambassador 2017 award for modeling Saba Qamar, who will by Kate walked the ramp in fashion shows held in their costumes to promote the country and abroad. Guddu Shani last days of instruction which had a modest closed stylish way mirror from his camera Saba Qamar.

Actress Saba Qamar has said that they do welcome foreign models instead of going in the preferred models international level command.

Saba Qamar wedding dressesBrand artists for advertising and modeling products in the Pakistan Ambassador to the artist s economy is better to have the feeling of a pleasant change. Fashion Fabrics standard TV and movie stars of the industry and smart design come on the scene.

Saba Qamar wedding dresses

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