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Actress Sabiha Khanum has passed away in the United States


Former popular actress Sabiha Khanum has passed away in the United States. Family sources say that Sabiha Khanum was suffering from kidney disease.

Actress Sabiha was born on October 16, 1935, in Gujarat. She ruled Pakistani cinema in the ’50s and ’60s.

Sabiha has acted in Kaniz, Makara, Anokha, Tehzeeb and other films. He was also awarded the Medal of Excellence for Best Performance.

Actress Sabiha Khanum’s granddaughter Sehrish Khan has confirmed her death. 

According to Sehrish Khan, Sabiha passed away in Virginia on Saturday morning.

Family sources said that the actress had been suffering from various ailments including blood pressure and diabetes for a long time.

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