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Saboor Ali started painting again


Renowned actress Saboor Ali has started painting once again, sharing photos of her on social media.

Like all over the world, there has been a lockdown in Pakistan. Which has led all the people, including the artists. To their homes and in the wake of the lockdown. The artists have been engaged in various activities in their homes.

Yesterday, Saboor Ali, a prominent actress from Pakistan Showbiz Industry, shared some photos on the photo and video sharing app Instagram, showing that Saboor Ali is painting.

A post shared by Saboor Ali also contains all the painting equipment around the actress. And she is painting a brush in her hand.

The actress also wrote in her caption of the post, “Sometimes it’s even better for us to reconnect with the things that make us happy.”

She wrote, “Even though I have been holding brushes for over a decade and am still scared of painting but believe me some things just need touch.”

Saboor Ali also posted another in which he shared his paintings of paintings and a boom ring.

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The actress wrote in her caption of the post “Foolish.”

It should be noted that Saboor Ali shared some photos of the cooking on Instagram Story, informing his fans about his cooking ability.

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