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Is Sadia Imam Left Showbiz?


KARACHI: Leading actress Sadia Imam declared rumors of the actress’ departure from rumors. Saying it only took a short period of time to give the family time.

According to the details. The beautiful and famous actress Saadia Imam broke the silence on the issue of starvation. She has said that I never announced leaving the showbiz. My husband wants me to work in showbiz.

Sadia Imam said during an interview that. I never announced that I was taking away from the showbiz, there is no authenticity in such news. It is just rumors because my husband never worked at the showbiz. He did not object to the referendum but he is my biggest supporter.

The actress said that my new drama is coming up which is underway, but due to the shooting my husband has come to Pakistan to take a break from his work so that my daughter will not feel lonely and my parents are my husband. Are the biggest supporters.

Sadia Imam added that after marriage, I took a break from showbiz for some time to give full time to my family, but at present I have no intention of retiring from showbiz.

It should be noted that some days ago rumors attributed to Sadia Imam were spreading that she had decided to quit acting on her husband’s wishes.

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