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Saif Ali Khan concerned with becoming Anti Pakistan face

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After the release of Movie ‘Phantom’, Saif Ali Khan has had some negative vibes from people of Pakistan objecting to the movie.

Talking to a Indian Channel Saif Ali Khan said, “I don’t know if I should say this but I was upset with the action in Pakistan and how upset they’re getting and I seem to have become the face of “anti Pakistan feeling.” This, I’m a little concerned about. Because my politics is the last thing that should become the question and for sure not against the people of Pakistan, I have absolutely nothing, except goodwill and hope that we manage to fix our problems.”

He added, “It’s (Phantom) a mission film quite simply. If you take the India and Pakistan element out of it – I didn’t want to say this during the promotion – but it’s actually a very simplistic mission film. The political element has given it some controversial edge.”

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