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Saif Ali Khan faces criticism for speaking out against nepotism


Indian actor Saif Ali Khan is being criticized by social media users for being a victim of nepotism and making statements against him.

After the suicide of Indian actor Sushant Singh, many artists in the Indian industry have also admitted that kinship is used in the film industry, making it easier for the children of well-known artists to enter the industry and get films. New actors have no acquaintance in the industry, they have also to face a lot of hard work and nepotism to get ahead.

Recently, Saif Ali Khan, the son of Indian cricketer Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi and actress Sharmila Tagore, said in an interview that he too had faced nepotism during his career.

In an interview to Indian website ‘Indian Express’, he said that ‘nepotism is an attitude that he has also fallen victim to, but no one is interested in it, this is how the industry works.’

Saif Ali also said that he will not take anyone’s name, he was cast in a film and someone’s father’s phone call came to his director and he was told not to take Saif Ali in the film, my son Cast in the movie, it’s all happened to them. ‘

He also said that there is nepotism in India which needs to be discussed.

After this statement of Saif Ali , he is also being criticized on social media.

Social media users say that he himself is the son of an actress and his daughter Sara Ali Khan is also doing less in films while his son also intends to make his career in the film industry. ‘Relatives can talk about Puri.

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