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Saif Ali Khan plans to return award


Indian film star Saif Ali Khan has said in a talk show that he wishes to return the Padmashree ward to the government.

He says there are so many stars who are more eligible for this award.

He added that they are better than me;

also there are some whose work is less than mine but however to my extent, I wish to return my award.

Saif Ali khan was talking in Arbaz Khan talk show.

This is the program in which audience ask questions to the celebrities to find a satisfactory reply from them.

Earlier Saif Ali Khan accused that he bought this award.

In reply he said that he was not in a position to make such a big deal.

Neither he was so rich nor he was a politician or powerful person to do so forcefully.

He further says that at the time of getting the award,

He was not willing for it but his father convinced him saying that we are not in a position to refuse to receive it.

Apparently, saif received this award.

Because of his excellent performance in the showbiz industry.

Saif Ali Khan Award Return

PadmaShree Award is a very prestigious appreciation and is the fourth civilian Award.

Which is given by the government of India to the citizens for extraordinary performance.

In their profession such as music, film, entertainment, science sports, education and other fields of life.

It is mostly given to the citizens of india but also given to those who are although not.

Indian citizens but made any kind of contribution for this country. Some controversies too exist for this award.

There examples of so many prominent people who refused to accept it and some returned after first receiving it.

Such a situation makes the honor attach to the award controversial.

Accordingly, any complaint about any award or honor, not only by Indian authorities, but by all should be reviewed seriously.


An award is a great honor in recognition of the hard work of any person in his or her field and should not be able to be questioned.

Obviously the above artist, Saif has received this honour in recognition of his extraordinary hard work.

And talent that showed by him in his field.

Accusations call the the transparency in question and make the recipient person unhappy.   



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