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Saif Ali Khan’s daughter wants to join Bollywood

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MUMBAI: It seem like another Khan all set for Bollywood debut, as superstar Nawab Saif Ali Khan’s daughter wants to join film industry.

According to details, Nawab – Saif Ali Khan affirmed that she wants to work in movies, but studies are a priority for her at the moment.

A report published in which quoted Saif saying, “Yes, she wants to join films, but currently she is at Columbia and doing very well and I want her to focus on her studies. Look at Soha. She has a degree from London School of Economics and she is now into movies. I think the girls in my family think this (Bollywood) is far more fun. Yes, perhaps it is.”

Saif and Amrita’s beautiful young daughter has always been under the Bollywood radar. She was said to have been inundated with movie offers when she featured on the cover of Hello magazine with mother Amrita.

At that time, Sara was still too young and not considering movies as a career option. Saif was once even quoted saying that he would shoot Sara if she thinks of quitting college.

But now, as Saif says, she is into movies and thereby, the young lady can be seen making her Bollywood debut soon.

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