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Sailing with the sound of sea

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Watching the sun set against the sea is an ideal sight, and cruising on the Arabian Sea is the cherry on top.  7Up collaborated with singer Zoe Viccaji to give an easy-breezy wave to an otherwise politically unstable city. The Foodies Cruise smoothly sailed on Sunday to awaken and delight the foodie in you, catered with an equally refreshing performance by the singer ofCoke Studio fame.

The spicy desi sizzlers, mostly BBQ-items such as kababs and tikkas, dominated the menu. No dessert was a match for Zoe’s sugar-loaded performance, which also satisfied our appetite for a much-needed summer sound. Zoe remarked that she didn’t feel like she was performing at a concert as it prompted her to break one of her pre-show rituals — of not eating. “This feels very different today; so, I might just have a little food before I take the stage,” joked the singer.

The singer’s love for jazz and songs came to us as no surprise as she began the night by performing Raat Gaey, one of her own blues. It was followed by Feeling Good which definitely uplifted the mood of the audience, many of whom accompanied Zoe by singing their hearts out to her tunes, especially Mere Sapno Ki Rani and Tum Hi Ho.

The audience got the chance to sort of re-live a Titanic moment when she performed My Heart Will Go On but with a revved-up jazz twist. However, all good things come to an end, and the crowd soon started to tune out as she experimented with a jazz-sufi version of the iconic Dam Mast Qalandar and also a blande cover of Sajjad Ali’s Bolo Bolo.

While some celebrities on board, such as Tapu Javeri, showcased were forced to sing along, others like Adnan Hussain, a constant livewire throughout the evening with his sense of humour, took the stage to perform a cover of Bryan Adams’ Summer of 69.












With the presence of ‘Who’s Who’ of the Pakistani entertainment industry such as Nomi Ansari, Anoushey Ashraf and Waqar Zaka, the cruise was bound to be an exciting affair. But for many it seemed to be the perfect opportunity to interact with these celebrities, only seen on red carpets and TV shows otherwise.  “The whole concept of the cruise was brilliant and even more brilliant was Zoe’s performance. Living in Karachi, we hardly get to attend live performances anymore. So, the opportunity to see one on a boat was just surreal,” said Khalid, an audience member. All in all, the cruise served a relaxing ride to everyone.

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