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Saima Noor film actress dancing in a recent wedding.


Saima Noor is a senior and accomplished Pakistani television and film actress. And likewise a mesmerizing model. She is the part of the Showbiz industry for a long time, yet her charisma and beauty is unmatchable. Saima is consider one of the most charmer and consummate Pakistani artist. Who is still playing the lead roles even in her 50s. She had a dream of becoming an actress since her childhood. And she turned into reality soon after completing her education at the age of 20 only.

Apart from a big screen, she is likewise see on a small screen in various mega-hit serials. Saima kicked off her Showbiz career from films a long time ago. She has acted in more than 200 Urdu and Punjabi movies till now. She remained part of various successful and super hit movies. Her debut movie ‘Gariban’ released in 1987. And it is how she was introduce to the world of glamour. Her pair with another senior actor ‘Sultan Rahi’ was praise by many. Saima’s career actually started when Director Syed Noor took her in his films as a lead actress. 

She has worked with many talented senior actors. And also she got opportunity to work in the biological film drama. Even after several years, she is still working as a lead actress in various movies that depict that Saima is unstoppable.

It is since long that we have seen Saima Noor on any screen presence. Recently in a wedding event She is seen dancing in a video from Instagram. It is a Mehndi function. As everything is designed according to it. And we can see Saima showing her dance moves smoothly on the stage. With a beautiful outfit which enhancing the moves along with her beauty nicely. Here we have the video scroll down to watch it.

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