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Whose dupata did Sajal wear in the Marriage of Sadia?


Prominent actress Sajal Ali wore her fiance Ahad Raza Mir’s mother dupatta. And thanked her in the shade of actress Sadia Ghafar.

Yesterday, Sajal Ali, a leading actress from Pakistan Showbiz Industry. She shared a photo of himself on Instagram with the photo and video sharing app. A picture of the actress starring Sadia Ghafar and Hassan Hayat Khan.

In the photo shared by Sajjal Ali, he is wearing a black robe and shirt and he is wearing a red and green dupatta.

The actress wrote in her caption of the photo that “When you wear Amy’s dupatta, you wear sister’s earrings, do makeup on your own and wear a knit knit in two hours.”

He thanked Ahad Raza Mir’s mother and his sister Saboor Ali in their captions.

In addition to this, Sajjal Ali shared some photos.

In one of the pictures he is accompanied by his younger brother and is a picture of Saadi Ghafar and Hassan Hayat mothers.

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