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Sajal Ali set to play the role of Fatima Jinnah in web series


The Pakistan Showbiz Industry Actress Sajal Ali will soon be seen playing the role of Fatima Jinnah in a web series on the partition of the subcontinent.

Sajal Aly

According to the report, the web series, written and directed by filmmaker Daniyal K Afzal. They will show scenes from Fatima Jinnah’s childhood to youth and the freedom struggle of Pakistan.

Sajal Aly

The series will consist of three seasons, while each season will be based on 15 episodes.

Sajal Aly

Director Daniyal Afzal says that in the first season. Actress Sundas Farhan will play the role of Fatima Jinnah’s childhood and youth. While in the second season Sajal Ali will be seen as ‘Madar-e-Millat’.

Sajal Aly

The final season of the series will showcase scenes leading up to the formation of Pakistan. The death of Fatima Jinnah and will have Samaya Mumtaz playing the role of ‘Fatima Jinnah’.


Remember that this series is likely to be released initially on the OTT platform, but it can also be broadcast on private TV channels.

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