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Sajal Aly bashed for dressing at DIAFA Awards.


Sajal Aly achieve another milestone. As she has won the Distinctive International Arab Festivals Awards (DIAFA) for her contribution to film.

Where people are absolutely in love with Sajal Aly for bringing home the prestigious award. On the other hand, people are badly criticizing Sajal’s off-beat dressing.

Sajal was wearing a black ill-fitted velvet suit. Paired with a silver undershirt, zero accessories, and hair tied in a bun.

Some people think that Sajal is expecting a baby. And she wore loosely fitted clothes to hide her baby bump.

Whereas, others want her to change the stylist. Some compare her to Mahira Khan who also receive the DIAFA Award last year. And indeed she looked the epitome of beauty and elegance.

Let’s have look to comments:

For enlightened readers:

Sajal Ali is one of the cutest, accomplished and energetic actresses. We have in our industry who is indeed the biggest asset of Showbiz. Who knew that a 15 years old girl who was first seen in 2009. And has now become the superstar of Pakistan in the future. When it comes to acting she is definitely a brilliant actress.

Sajal Aly

And when it comes to signing she is indeed blessed with a soulful voice. She is a strong independent woman who is vigorous, compatible and talented who started her journey all alone without having any artistic background.

Sajal Ali

She gave her Lollywood debut in 2016 by working in the film ‘Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hai’ opposite Feroze Khan and other stars. The film earn a collection of 10 crores at the box office with a budget of 4 crores. In 2017 she gave her Bollywood debut by working in the film ‘Mom’ opposite Indian actress Sri Devi and Adnan Siddiqui. The film went successful at the box office with earnings of more than 100 crores which also develop a great relation of Sajal with Sri Devi.

Sajal Ali

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