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Sajjad Ali’s 35-year-old song once again liked by his fans


Singer Sajjad Ali’s popular song “Dhuaan” has hit again after 35 years.

Sajjad Ali

Sajjad Ali’s song ‘Dhuaan’ released in 1986 was considered to be the most popular song of his time. It was considered as one of the best songs of his career. But now this song which has been presented in a new style has gained momentum.

Sajjad Ali

A brand is re-making popular songs of the past. This time the song of the past ‘dhuaan’ has also been presented with a new version. In which this time too Sajjad Ali has awakened the magic of his voice.

Sajjad Ali

This song has been released on YouTube a few days ago which has been viewed more than 80,000 times so far.

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