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Sajjal Ali console Saboor Ali

The leading actress of Pakistan showbiz industry Sajjal Ali consoled her sister Saboor Ali on the occasion of Mother’s Day and said, “Don’t be sad, my mother is always with us.”

On the occasion of International Mother’s Day, while other showbiz artists are sharing photos with their mothers on social media and writing loving messages for them, the famous actress Saboor Ali, while remembering her late mother, accompanied her and Sajjal. Ali shared a memorable childhood photo on Instagram.

With the photo shared on Instagram, Saboor Ali recalled the beautiful moments of the past with his late mother and wrote, “Whenever I was sad, I would go to Mama and sit down and then she would pray for me and her The prayer was answered.

Unable to control his emotions, Saboor Ali wrote, “I did not know that there would come a time when I would need Mama’s prayers but Mama would not be with me.

“Now I’m waiting for Mama’s day to come in a dream,” he wrote.

Advising her fans to appreciate her mother, the actress said, “A mother is a person who inspires her children till her last breath. It is a relationship for which there is no substitute.”

Commenting on Sabur Ali’s emotional post, Sajjal Ali also reassured his sister, “Don’t be sad, she is always with us and will always be.”

Sajal Ali

It may be recalled that Saboor Ali and Sajjal Ali’s mother Jan Lewa died in 2017 due to cancer.

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