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Salma Zafar get Furious In Recent Interview.


About Salma Zafar

 Salma Zafar comes from a family. Who always had nexus with showbiz. Her father Zafar Khursheed was a famous composer. He compos many memorable jingles for advertisements. The actress made her presence count in 1983. With the well-acclaimed play called ‘Bakra Qiston Pe’.

The name of her only movie in Bollywood is ‘Jannat’. Salma entered small screen. In further career and marked beautiful and memorable performance in her television career. She did some television shows in all categories. Which proved her versatility and professional nature. Salma Zafar indeed shows cased experience can beat any challenge in life. Her television shows include ‘Humsafar’, ‘Mere Angney Me’. ‘Ye Zindagi Hai Tumse Kehna Tha’‘Haroon Toh Piya Teri’, etc.

About Salma’s recent interview:

A new controversy rose against J’Js production. Which is ran by Javeria Saud and her husband Saud.

In the shocking turn of event veteran actress. Salma Zafar reveal that Javeria and Saud are not paying her money which is upto 1 crore.

After Salma Zafar some other actors came forward with same issue. That J’Js Productions is holding their money. In a recent interview Salma Zafar again talk about this non-payment issue.

Salma says: “You are asking for your own money. Like a beggar.  I asked them to return me my money. But they didn’t reply. Before making this video. I told them that I will bring all those people. Whom you haven’t paid. Even after video they are denying.

They are saying they don’t owe anyone’s money. They sent cheques to the houses of people over night. And ask them to make video in their favor. But people didn’t do that. And O’Maa is also my script that aired on Mother’s day. They didn’t write my name. Anywhere instead that the name of writer was Javeria Saud“.

Here is another video. Reactions of different celebrities. In the favour of Javeria and Saud:

Watch out!

After watching this videos. Did you find out? who is right and who is wrong. I request the government to please offer justice to Salma. As she is not lying at least.

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