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Salman Ahmed also infected by Corona Virus


Salman Ahmed, the famous Pakistani singer and founder of Madness Band, has expressed concerns that he has been exposed to the deadly Corona virus, which he will soon undergo a test to diagnose.

In a message posted on social networking website Twitter, Salman Ahmed wrote, “The bad news is that according to Dr. Abelli, I am suffering from Cod 19, whose diagnosis will be tested soon.”

Salman Ahmed added in his tweet that I have a minor cold, since the symptoms of Corona he has been in isolation in the US state of New York.

The singer said he was regularly washing his hands, even taking steam, and using hot water.

In his tweet, Salman Ahmed also thanked those who remember the prayers.

Earlier, Salman Ahmed had said in one of his tweets that he would be conducting a corona test immediately after feeling symptoms like a cold and cold.

A large number of social media users have expressed good wishes for Salman Ahmed.

It should be noted that Singer Salman went to the US in connection with his project, but did not return home due to lockdown. 

Salman did a corona test three days ago, at the doctor’s request, due to a bad condition.

In this regard, Salman says that I am in quarantine at home and my health is bad now. 

He has also appealed to his fans to pray.

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