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Salman Ahmed tells about Deadly scene of New York


Pakistani singer Salman Ahmed, a victim of Corona. He says the situation in New York is the worst. People are unable to pay the last rites of death and the relatives are being careful about attending the funeral.

The social media website has posted a one-minute and 5-second video from the singer, expressing profanity that the survivors are reluctant to attend the funeral because of Corona’s fears.

The video maker is expressively saying, ‘A son did not come to attend his father’s funeral.

“Three funerals were taught here. In which the survivors refused to attend, saying that you guys would send us a video,” he said.

Salman Ahmed, in his social media messages. He said that in New York, there are coming-of-age scenes. He said that there were bodies everywhere in the streets and in hospitals.

New York-based Pakistani singer Salman Ahmed said that New York is currently showing a war zone. He making it difficult to test Corona’s diagnosis here.

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