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I became a mamo again, just never became a father to anyone, Salman Khan


Indian movie star Salman Khan says that. This time no one has become a father but again he has become a mother.

On the birthday of Indian film star Salman Khan’s birthday on December 27. The daughter of his sister Arpita Khan Sharma was born in the house he has named ‘Ayat’. “When I got up and checked my cellphone on December 27. My sister had sent me a picture of her little pre-verse,” she told the interviewer.

Salman Khan said. “My nephew verse is very beautiful and since its birth, December 27 has changed the meaning of my family before. It was the day of my birth but now it is the day of birth of our verse.”

The actor jokingly said. ‘I have become a mama again. I have become an uncle and also maternal uncle but I have not yet become a father.’

He said. “I thank my fans and all. Those who have expressed their best wishes for the verse on my tweet.”

Salman Khan wrote on the occasion of his birthday and the birth of the verse. Wrote: “Welcome to verse in this beautiful world, thank you both Arpita and Ayush for giving me. My whole family the day of my birthday. ‘S most special gift.

He wrote, “I also thank everyone who is reading this tweet and expressing my best wishes.”

It should be noted that Salman Khan celebrated his 54th birthday on December 27. This month and that day his daughter Arpita Khan Sharma’s daughter was born in the house named ‘Ayat’.

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