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Salman’s two films being released in this year


According to media reports, salman films ‘Danbang 3’ and ‘Bharat’ will be released in the end of the current year.’ Dabangg’ to media reports, salman Khan’s films ‘Danbang 3’ and ‘Bharat’ will be released in the end of the current year.’ Dabangg’ will be released on 20 december. Its poster has been released.

salman’s Now people are anxiously waiting for its coming to cinema houses. It is the third film of Dabangg series. Both earlier films were highly successful. It is also expected that this salman’s film too will be a memorable one and will be highly successful commercially and socially.

Salman Khan has a very large fan circle and because of his popularity and vast experience, it is always expected by the people that any film made by him would be very successful.Salman has also released the trailer of his film ‘Bharat’.

salman’s This film contains the story of a person who loves his family members and country. He also names his son after his country. The film  presents the story of Salman’s journey of life from young to old age.

In his young age he works in a circus whereas after sometimes he joins another job. The film ‘Bharat’ too, will be released in the current year. Salman, in this film will be performing the role of an old person.

While replying to a question, the India’s legend star and producer has also commented on his old age role in an interesting way. Salman is one of the most busy and active personalities of the Indian film industry.

His brother too is a popular person who has raised his sibling’s reputation hence indicating that they both belong to a talented family. He explains that he himself is a hardworking person otherwise he would have no assignment.

He also says that only blood relation to any superstar is never the guarantee of finding work in a film or film related business.Some times negative reports too are published in the media regarding Salman Khan.

Some circles of the media complain that usually there is lack of reconciliation between Salman and government authorities of various departments.

According to these circles, Salman presents before the court very often for one or the other issue. For example In the recent past he has been served notice to remove his shooting camps from a specific area.

But, in short, he is a popular personality of the Indian showbiz industry and has a very large number of fans not only in india but also across the borders

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