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Salman Khan will be an old person in film ‘Bharat’


India’s legend film star and producer Salman Khan, commenting on his role in upcoming film ‘Bharat’, has said that his life is more colorful than his gray hair on his head and beard.

The above sentence is one of his dialogues in the upcoming film. The film is under process and will be released in the current year. It is important mention that in this film he will play the role of an old and too aged person.

Salman is one of the most busy and active producers and active personalities of the Indian film industry. It is said people like him so much that when he goes for outdoor shooting anywhere, a large number of people gather around him. However it is also reported that there is usually lack of reconciliation between him and the government authorities of various departments. For example, he has been asked to remove his two shooting sets that he has set up in a specific area. This situation has created a problem for him because he has written the script of the film making the back ground of the area as a base for shooting. Accordingly, it is be very difficult for him to review the script and write it afresh. A section of media claims that this is not the first time that clash occurred between Salman and government authorities. This section of media says that Salman presents before the courts now and then on various issues. On the other hand he is one of the most successful professionals in the field. His film Dabangg and Dabangg 2 were among most successful films and now he is also busy in the shooting of Dabangg 3. This film too, will be released in the end of the current year.

It is expected that both films, ‘Bharat’ and ‘Dabangg 3’ will be among the most successful films of the industry because Salman is a very experienced person and has a long career. He is also a thinker and this is inherited quality because he is the son of a writer. A writer always thinks and presents innovative ideas. Innovative idea is the basic thing for any kind of task. Without a good and practicable idea there is no concept of initiating any project.



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