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Salman’s Sultan forcing Amir to make changes in Dangal


MUMBAI, INDIA: Well that what the rumour is circulating in the B-town. However, Mr Perfect has denied having any issues with the film, at least in front of the media.

During a recent press talk, Indian actor Amir Khan was asked if the similar themes of Salman Khan‘s Sultan and Amir’s Dangal bothering him, the latter said, “There are no similarities. Only the aspect of wrestling is common. There are so many films that talk about revenge, so many romantic films. But the story of both our films is different.”


Amir praised Salman and even wished his film good luck.

So, what the rumour actually is?

Sources said that the obvious similarities between the two films actually made Amir Khan think about finding another way of taking things forward in Dangal.

He has also actually asked for few changes in the pinnacle of the film, Indian media reported.

According to informed sources, Dangal was supposed to have a female wrestler as the USP of the film. However, Anushka Sharma has already played such a role in Sultan.

Therefore, Amir decided to shift the focus of his film more on the father-daughter relationship now than on women wrestling in the arena.

If the rumours were true to believe, Sultan certainly jolted Amir since he must not be expecting such a turn of events.

Critics say Amir Dangal should not be worried about the success of Dangal since it was based on the true story of ‘Phogat Family’ and how a father struggled to see his daughters become world champions in wrestling. Sultan was purely fictional.

With Mr Perfect’s perfect touch in the film, Dangal would surely be having surprise elements for Amir’s fan and film lovers.

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