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Sana Fakhar Share Weight Loss Smoothie.


Sana was introduced to the Lollywood film industry by director Syed Noor in his film Sangam in 1997. She won best actress award at Nigar Awards 2002 for her role Sitara in Yeh Dil Aap Ka Huwa.Sana is a well known actress. She also appear in many dramas, reality shows. Apart from lollywood she also did a small role in Bollywood movie. She is the beautiful actress. Sana is among those celebrities who love hitting the gym regularly. She get married in 2008. And has bless with two sons.

In the early years, when she came to industry. Sana realize that she is over weight. And has to loose weight. She put a lot of efforts and hard work to achieve her goal. She finally gets success in losing the weight. And brings her body shape exactly the perfect one. She did massive workout to bring her weight exactly of her desire. And yes she succeeded doing it.

During an interview, she reveal that after the birth of her second child. She weigh over 100 Kgs. But maintaining a strict diet plan help her shed over 50 Kgs.

Apart from acting Sana has open her Youtube channel. With the name of Sana Fakhar official. Which turn out to be super hit. She gain fame and subscribers in just no time. In that Youtube channel she use to upload different weight loss techniques. Sana also use to upload some weight loss diet. Now she has uploaded a smooothie. A healthy smoothie which can reduce the weight about 10Kgs in one month. \

Watch it out

Have you seen the video. Did you see how much healthy smoothie it is. The healthy and tasty one. She mention it’s important to push others towards a lifestyle of fitness. But it should not be limit to weigh. Instead to motivate people to achieve the goals they have set for themselves.

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