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Sana Javed Emotional Note for her Mother


Sana Javed, a renowned actress, shared an emotional message for her mother. She sharing the image of her childhood on social media.

Sana Javed, a prominent actress from Pakistan Showbiz Industry, shared a photo of her childhood on Instagram. Which the actress has posted in Hyderabad.

Sana Javed

In her caption of the photo, Sana Javed wrote, “Mothers are the best. They dress their children with all their love and sincerity.

The actress wrote, “I am wearing my favorite traditional Hyderabad kurta in this photo that my mother sewed for me.”

She wrote that ‘I love my mother very much. Because of my mother, I was the most stylist of my childhood.’


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Mothers are the best, they dress us up with all the love and purity of their hearts and love taking pictures of us. ❤ here I’m wearing my favorite traditional Hyderabadi(Deccan) kharha duppata that my mommy stitched for me. Love you Ammi for being the best stylist I’ve ever had.🤗❤ We love clinging on to our mothers as kids and here I’m a little sad cause my mommy put me down to take a picture when all I wanted was to be in her arms. I still get sad everytime I’m away from her while working. Let’s cherish our mothers like we used to as kids and may our mothers live a million trillion years with health and happiness.❤ Ameen

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Sana Javed wrote, “I am a little disappointed in this photo. Because I used to stay in my mother’s lap and because of taking this picture my mother had pulled me down from her lap and caused me to go down. It was sad. ‘

The actress wrote, “Even today, when I am away from my mother because of my work, I am sad to miss her lap.”

Sana Javed further wrote that ‘ May our mothers live a million trillion years with health and happiness. ‘

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