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Sana Javed Fully Exposed By Makeup Artists


Khaani & Piyarey Afzal Famed actress Sana Javed is in major trouble now a days. As more and more of celebrities & Make up artists are coming up against her. They sharing their awful working experiences with the actress. 

Sana Javed

Mostly, the make up artists have seen the worst behavior of the actress. Make up Artist Ikram Gohar have come up with a detailed story about Sana Javed. She maltreated him at her home.

Sana Javed

The Makeup Artist Ikram Gohar said that “

yesterday our one of the best fashion model and a very respectable and sweet person who is such a professional and mannerable @manal_slm posted a story about @sanajaved.official bad behavior n called her 2 takkay ki model, who the hell she is to say her like this…

Same she did with me like this. Called me at her shady place somewhere in DHA in a banglow for her Nikah trial makeup. As she discussed with me that i wanna get done my nikah bridal final look just by you. Before this she were calling me everyday n behaved like a very sweet person as she is the only best friend of mine in this world. I went to her n she discussed her bridal look with me told me what she want?

I started makeup on her and she torched me 4 hours just on a rose gold eyeshadow on her eyes. During this she removed her eye makeup 10 times and treated me like a shit. The duration of 4 hours when I needed to go to the washroom and I requested her to allow me to use the washroom then she told me that you can’t go to the washroom and she didn’t allow me and said to me that just go out n use the washroom of a restaurant which was right infront of her shady place…. in the end after 4 hours she called me that you dont know how to work and you don’t know how to do makeup and called me unprofessional…
just not only with me, she did same bad behaviour with some of my good friends @stylebyaneela @omayrwaqar @irhyanthomas and gave them bad attitude.”

Ikram Gohar

He further said that “Now i will just say that @sanajaved.official you are unprofessional and horrible… we are not… you should be ban in this industry, alhamdulillah we are very professional and respectful and hard worker people, we all are equal n have respect and i know how to do work Alhamdulillah and I know how to do makeup because this is my profession and alhamdulillah I love my work and i am working in this industry since 12 years, i worked with many big celebrities of Pakistan like @mehwishhayatofficial @thekubism @urwatistic @mahirahkhan alhamdulillah and they all are very sweet, humble respectful and professional people, always love to work with them but will never work with you again inshALLAH @sanajaved.official”

Ikram Gofar

Another make up artist Rhyan Thomas also came up and narrated his side of story.


Netizens also bashed the actress, they were of the view that Makeup artists should name and shame the actors. Celebrities are also coming up to support make up artists. 

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