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Sanam Jung Hopes to return soon in Makkah


Sanam Jang, a leading actress and host of Pakistan Showbiz Industry, appealed to the fans to pray to Allah that her house should be opened soon so that we can perform Umrah and Hajj.

Sharing a photo of her parents on social networking site Instagram, she shared her travel memories and wrote that the year of 2018 was a blessing to me when we got the privilege of doing Umrah.

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Alhamdullilah! Throwback to the most blessed year 2018, when my parents and I went for Umrah.I can’t explain how thankful I am to Allah(SWT) for bestowing me this opportunity to perform Umrah with the best people in the world, my beautiful parents. Every Ramzan, I would cry on janamaz and ask for this one dua, consistently, adamantly and I would beg Allah(SWT) to make this happen and Alhamdullilah 2018 was the year when my dua was accepted. There are many of us who had plans for Umrah but sadly with the Coronavirus situation it has been temporarily suspended.Lets all pray for the entire ummah and the world that this subsides as soon as possible and the House of Allah(SWT) is open to all of us.Ameen Rabbir hum huma kama rabbayani sagheera. O Lord! Have mercy on my parents, the way they bestowed mercy on me during my childhood. – Ameen.

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She wrote that I was unable to spell the feelings of the moment, the less I thank Allah, the less he gave the opportunity to do Umrah with his parents.

The actress said that she used to pray every Ramadan, and in 2018, Allah called her home.


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Educate your domestic staff, please tell them to stay at home.🙏🙏

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She lamented that many people would still want to perform Hajj and ‘Umrah, but all have been temporarily stopped due to the circumstances of the world. Soon it will be removed and the house of Allah will be re-opened for all of us.

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