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Sanam Marvi and Hamid Khan


Famous singers Sanam Marvi and Hamid Khan have been awarded Khalil degrees by Family Court Lahore.

Family Court Lahore has issued a Khalil degree to famous Pakistani singers Sanam Marvi and Hamid Khan. Which the marital journey between them has ended.

Family Court Judge Sana Afzal Wahla heard the petition filed by Sanam Marvi.

During the hearing. Sanam Marvi also said that he no longer wants to be with Hamid Khan. Because he tortures and abuses him. However, After hearing the statements. The court also issued Khulla degree.

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The singer alleged in her plea that husbands also use Nazi language against them. Including torture, and she is tired of tolerating her husband’s behavior.

However, It is pertinent to mention that Hamid Khan. In his seven-page response to the court. It rejected all allegations made by his wife and requested the court to dismiss his wife’s plea.

It is believed that this was the second marriage of Sanam. Her first husband Aftab Ahmed was assassinated in 2009 in the Sindh capital Karachi.

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