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Pakistani singer seriously accuses her husband


LAHORE: Renowned Pakistani folk singer Sanam Marvi. She has filed a Khalla petition in the court, accusing her husband of serious charges.

According to reports, Sanam Marwi filed the Khalla petition in the Family Court of Lahore. In which the singer agreed that he was married to Hamid Ali in 2009.

She contended that after marriage, her husband’s attitude changed drastically and then he tortured me in front of children.

The singer wrote. “I used to tolerate cruelty and torture of my husband for the sake of my children. But now it has become intolerable; I do not want to be with my husband anymore, so the court will allow Khalil.”

It should be noted that Aftab Ahmed. The first husband of Sanam Marvi, was killed in Karachi. After which he started a marital life with Hamid Ali in 2009, after which they had three children.

However, in an interview after the marriage. Sanam Marvi also said that Hamid Ali was their relative and they loved her for a long time. He mentioned this to his mother and then the families of both families decided to get married.

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