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Sanam’s short film sends out important message.


Sanam’s Saeed the most beautiful and admiring personality. The great actress, model and the vocalist at coke studio. Her alluring face is pretty enough to carry such nice dresses. She worked for several clothing brands. Apart from modeling she is such a great actor. She has such remarkable acting skills. Therefore she receive several awards for her great serving to the industry.

The most energetic, phenomenal and eye-catching Pakistani actress, Singer and a Model. Who is recognize internationally too for her miraculous performances in different serials. And movies for which she is honored Best Actress awards many times. She has marked her place in the industry and in the hearts of people with her continuous endeavor and consistency. Without having any artistic background. Therefore she is a strong independent woman who surprise everyone with her amazing performance in her very first serial.

Sanam’s short film:

A short film starring Sanam Saeed “Ab Buss” has release on See Prime YouTube page. Therefore it is the short film base upon the incident happen at Motorway that shock everyone.

The short film is different and pretty enough from usual Pakistani content. However it is the movie on all the social issues. And like always Sanam Saeed give such a brilliant performance.

Ab Buss is a mystery thriller short film with a very important message for the people. It talks about how women in Pakistan are unsafe. And every now and then we hear the horrifying news.

Sanam Saeed plays the role of a mother Maya who gets nervous when she received a phone call. She packs her things and many types of knives, a gun, and chain with a lock. When Maya was about to leave, her husband (Mohsin Talat) gets home and questioned her what she is doing. She starts crying and she explains the whole scenario.

The film features Sanam Saeed, Mohsin Talat and Tanisha Shameem. And now it has release. Here is the film check it out.

Watch out:

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