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Sania Malhotra bought a house in Mumbai for Rs 140 million


Bollywood actress Sania Malhotra, whose Bollywood career began with the film Dingal. She has now bought a new house in the Joho area of ​​Mumbai.

Sania Malhotra

It may be recalled that actor Riteish Roshan had bought two houses in this building last year for about Rs 100 crore (one billion Indian rupees).

Hrithik Roshan’s apartments are 38,000 square feet with an open-to-sky terrace of 6,500 feet. The building has access to ten parking lot slots.

Sania Malhotra says she has been living in Mumbai for five years. There is great peace in this city while Mumbai has given me everything. The only purpose of taking a big house is that my family lives in Delhi and whenever they If they come, they should have adequate accommodation.

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