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Sanjay Dutt enjoying happy year


India’s super star sanjay Dutt has heard a good news recently when he knew that his kids Shahraan and Iqra have been awarded gold medals in their inter-school swimming competition.

While commenting on this event, he said that my wife and I, wish for our kids that they grow up without any special treatment such as parent’s unnecessary pressure for doing or avoiding something or any specific  treatment from the public on the basis of parent’s showbiz profession or identity.

Earlier, a few weeks ago he prayed on twitter for all young girls s on the national girl child day and said I pray that every girl child is given love and attention for which she deserves.Sunjay, in the previous days, specially after being awarded jail punishment, had been facing a mixed reputation and reaction in his showbiz field quarters as well as in the general public.

But later, he has improved his overall identity. He is now seen as a balanced personality and a busy and active figure who has command over his field and also takes interest in social and national affairs.

Recently he gave statement that he has an emotional attachment to Pakistan because his father was Pakistani origin and moved india after partition of the subcontinent. 

This was a good statement and general people, as human being, always like good words or feelings expressed for anyone. In Indian showbiz industry we also hear the statements of some stars who criticise their neighbouring country now and then unnecessarily.    

Media quarters are continuously appreciating Sanjay Dutt for his balanced activities and good choices. It is being said he, in spite of some reservations of critics, is too successful in making his good identity as a reputable figure not only in the showbiz circle but also before the nation as a whole.

He has also introduced himself a good personality by the selection of suitable roles for him in the films. He has still a busy schedule. His six film will appear on the screen in the current year.

Now Sanjay’s thinking that kids should be grown up without any extraordinary  treatment is actually should be taken seriously by alland it should be treated a thinking or ideology of an intellectual and talented person.



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