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Sanjay Dutt’s attachment to Pakistan


Indian super star Sanjay Dutt has given a surprise to many people including Indians and Pakistanis by revealing that he signed the film ‘Kalank’ because of his emotional attachment  to Pakistan.

He says that after partition of the subcontinent his father moved to India from Pakistan and this is the reason that he has an emotional attachment to this country. It is also reported in media that several years ago, Karan Johar’s father had chosen Pakistani city Lahore for preparing the set for shooting of the film Kalank but he could not complete his program. Before the statement of Sanjay Dutt, another actress of the film Alia Bhatt had told the media that she had got guidance for performing her role in the proposed film from Kashaf, a character of Pakistani Drama serial  ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hay’. This character was performed by the actress Sanam Saeed.

Her statement became surprising and was reported in the Indian media prominently and very frequently. She, for this statement became focused of the news. It is also being told that the upcoming film Kalak will contain a lot of contents also about Pakistan. The film is being produced under the direction of Karan Johar, renowned director of the Indian film industry. Sanjay told in an interview to a website that in 1993 when he was working for film ‘Gumrah’, then producer Suresh Johar (father of Karan Johar) tole him the story of film Kalank. He also said that Karan Johar’s production company Dharma production is just like my family.

So now when the director Karan Johar talked me about the film I accepted to work in it. He also told that his character’s name in the film is Balraj. This was the real name of his father. Referring  Lahore visit of Karan Johar’s father and his plan to make this film, Sanjay said that Karan has fulfilled his father’s ambition.



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