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Sanjay prays for every girl child.


Sanjay prays for every girl child on National Girl Child Day. Indian famous film star Sanjay Dutt has expressed love and affection for his kids and prayed for all others. Sanjay, on the occasion of India’s National Girl Child Day, said my daughter is my treasure and I  I pray that every girl child is given the love and care she deserves.Sanjay says that he will himself tell his life story to his children  without of the fare that after knowing it, they hate him or not. But, he said I am committed to tell my story to them because I wish that after knowing my life’s mistakes and their negative results, children avoid such acts and do not repeat them. I have chosen to indicated correct direction for passing life instead of hiding my mistakes to gain their love. It is said that Sanjay’s  life is just like a film which not only contains happiness but also there are so many sorrows and difficulties in it.

Sanjay Dutt says that I cannot forget the time that I have passed in prison because it was the worst part of my life. He tells that he introduced to those things which he never saw in the past. He further says that a person who used narcotics and was imprisoned on the charge of  keeping illegal arms how can forget these all things. It is not correct that after forgetting all sorrows,one should move forward in the life. It is a suggestion but doing it practically is very difficult. But I have been trying to forget them all because it is very necessary if someone wishes to do some thing more positive. It is also said,whether correct or not, that his father’s political rials played role in his imprisonment. Actually, Sunjay has confessed several times that he is not very happy with his life.Sanjay revealed that his father Sunil Dutt had beaten him with a shoe because he had seen him smoking. He further said that my father wished to make me a good person but I could not fulfill his expectations. It is very sad for me. He further said that now I myself is a father and wish that my son Shahran fulfills my similar ambitions He said I try to inspire him for this it.  

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