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Sara Ali Khan pays tribute to mother


Indian film star Sara Ali Khan, like several other celebrities, paid tribute  her mother Amrita Singh with very beautiful words on Happy Mother’s Day.

She also paid tribute and praised her father Saif Ali Khan and brothers. Praising her mother she says thanks mum for still being my strength, encouragement and motivation.

It is a very good and happy event that most of celebrities talked their mothers and admired them on the Happy Mother’s Day.

It can be guessed easily that how much their mothers may have become happy over this event. Actually an artist is more than a common person.

He or she has very soft feelings towards others especially towards real relations such as parents who are usually more close than others. An artist has to become also a role model for common people and has to do all that which is required naturally for contributing to any noble cause.

Sara, has also praised her father Saif Ali Khan and brothers. It is very important to recall that Sara’s parents separated and legal divorce took place between them when Sara was a teen ager.

She was grown up by her mother but it is important that she has not ignored his father and also remembered and praised him.

sara ali khan paid tribute her mother on mother days

Rather she also said in the near past in an interview that she is happy on separation of her parents and not living with each other. People were surprised on this statement or ideology and asked to clarify  Then she clarified it in a good and convincing way.

She said that sometimes people are living together but they are not happy with each other and cannot tolerate each other’s behaviour because their natures do not reconcile.

They are compelled to live together because of specific reasons such as social pressure etc. I think it is a better way to be separated for living happy without keeping any intolerance or animity for the other.

Sara Ali Khan usually remains the subject of news in traditional as well as in social media because of her unique and thoughtful statements, she releases very frequently.

Her statements do not only attract media but also attract her fanas and common people. In the recent past she gave statement about Pakistan which was quite uncontroversial and was appreciated in both countries.

That statement was looking an effort to bring the both nations close to each other.



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