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Sara Khan and Falak expecting their First Child


Sara Khan and Falak Shabbir, the most popular duo in the Pakistan showbiz industry, gave great good news to the fans.

Sara and Falak

Sara shared some new photos of herself with her husband Falak Shabbir on her Instagram account.

Sara Khan

Falak Shabbir wrote that:

“It is he who forms you in the wombs AS HE WILLS, there is no god but he: THE ALL-MIGHTY THE ALL WISE”
– Quran|Al imran 3:6

ALHAMDULLIAH we’re expecting our first child. Remember us in your prayers. MASHALLAH”

Sara Khan

On the other hand, Falak Shabbir also informed the fans about this big news on his Instagram account.

Sara Khan

Sara and Falak Shabbir’s posts are being greeted by fans and showbiz stars.

Sara Khan

Just yesterday, Sara Khan and Falak Shabbir confirmed the news through their Instagram posts.

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