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Sara Khan is happy over her film’s success.


Sara is happy over her success

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Sara ali khan

Bollywood film actress Sara Ali khan is very happy over overwhelming success of her film Kedarnath released recently. She said “I have come to know that my fans like me too much so I shall do more hard work in my coming projects”.She hinted towards the favoritism in Indian film industry but said even in such circumstances, she has been liked so much by viewers.”Sara Ali Khan , was born on  on 12.8. 1993 in Mumbai India. She is daughter of Saif Ali Khan, an actor or Indian film industry.Sara, in her very young age and was below 5, first acted in an advertisement. . According to Saif , the actress Aishwarya Rai proved to be her inspiration for pursuing a career in film, Khan had accompanied him on a world tour to Chicago where Rai performed  and had said ” This is what I want to do”.  After graduation from Columbia University, khan made her acting  in a romantic drama kedamath (2018). Sara’s brother Ibrahim Ali Khan too worked  as a child actor.Sara is predominantly Bengali and Pathan descent on her father’s side, and of Punjabi descent on her mother’ s side. As a teenager, khan struggled with her weight and had to undergo daily workouts under a strict schedule to get fit. She was also diagnosed a having a disease which she ascribes as a cause for her weight gain. The actress  also paid attention towards her qualification a she knew that the increase in knowledge is a mush for going forward in any career in the life. Accordingly she  pursued a four year course in law and political science at the Columbia University in New York.Khan’s debut cam in 2018 with the Abhishek Kapoor-directed inter faith romance Kedamath, in which she performed the role of  a Hindu girl who falls in love with a Muslim porter played by Sushant Singh Rajput. In preparation for her role, khan improved her knowledge of Hindi vocabulary with help from Rajput. In February 2018, a dispute between Kapoor and KriArj Entertainment, the producers, led to the latter losing the films rights to RSVP movies, who produced it alongside Kapoor’s Guy in Sky picture. In November 2018 priests of Kedamath Temple demanded the film’s boycott as they believed Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) leader, Ajendra Ajay from Dehradun  wrote to the Central Board of Film Certification, also urging a ban. As a result , the film was banned in the Indian state of Uttarakhand.Kedamath received mixed reviews with praised directed to Khan’s performance.

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