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Sarwat Gilani criticizes Pakistanis, praises Indians


Sarwat Gilani, a well-known actress of Pakistan showbiz industry, has criticized Pakistanis and said that there is no sense of nationalism in our country.


Sarwat Gillani recently participated in a web show. Where she talked about her showbiz career and the criticism she faced in various contexts.


Talking about the criticism on herself. She said that it depends on the general mentality of any nation. The mentality of Pakistani people is limited to pulling each other’s leg and we are famous for this ability.


The actress said that it is very rare that someone praises or thanks someone in Pakistan.

Sarwat Gillani

She says that it will take time to change this mindset of Pakistanis, it is a difficult task.


Sarwat Gilani praised the Indian people across the border in this regard and said that the Indian nation appreciates its people for every success no matter what they have achieved, because these people have a sense of nationalism and they also have this. It has taken a lot of time to reach the location.

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