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Sarwat Gillani on “How to spent your time in Quarantine”


The solution is that actress Sarwat Gillani has given her video message, she is spending time at home like most Pakistanis these days but she has made her time valuable.

The actress is not only sharing healthy activities with her children, but also encouraging others by sharing videos on social media.

Sarawat Gilani believes that home is the perfect place for art, in the age of smartphones, video games and gadgets, she teaches her children about coloring games as well as giving them useful tips.

The actress says she uses it for home appliances, CDs, color papers, etc. She also encourages her children to plan.

Sarwat Gillani said that in the past few days he has also pressed onion in a bouquet, which will soon produce a plant.

In an interesting video, he advises his son that all work must be done to raise the waste.

Not only this, Sarwat Gilani also talks about issues of his social media followers and encourages him to spend most of his time with children down lockdown.

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