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Sawara Bhaskar criticizes Adnan Sami’s award


Indian actress Sawara Bhaskar says giving Padma Shri award to former Pakistani singer Adnan Sami means BJP loves Pakistan.

According to Indian media, Indian actress Sawara Bhaskar. Who has taken part in the ongoing protests against the controversial citizenship law in India. It took the Modi government in the back of a protest against the citizenship amendment law and said. ‘To the BJP He loves Pakistan.

However, Sawara Bhaskar said. “On the one hand, BJP abuses people like us, protesting against controversial citizenship laws, tortures us. Sticks and on the other hand a Pakistani singer with the Padma Shri award. Supports. ‘

He said, “Adnan Sami has won both the heart and the mind of the government as soon as. However, Adnan is being awarded the award and our rights are being snatched away from us.”

He said, “Our government sees only Pakistan on all sides. The Modi government is doing nothing but spreading a politics of hatred.”

The Indian actress criticized BJP general secretary Kailash Vijay Virginia, saying ‘Kailash Vijay also wants to show his Indian citizenship papers because he grew up eating’ pooh ‘, a Bangladeshi meal.

According to former Pakistani singer Adnan Sami, However, he got Indian citizenship in 2016 and has spent 20 years in India as a whole and in those two decades he has given great music to Bollywood.

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